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Croatian Health Care System Ranks 16th on European Index


Croatia’s health care system has been ranked in 16th place on the latest Euro Health Consumer Index (EHCI)…

The Croatian health care system improved its ranking by seven places from last year’s index when it was ranked in 23rd spot. The ECHI, which ranked 35 health systems in Europe, scored Croatia 707 points out of a maximum 1,000.

“Despite the fact that per capita spending on health is more modest than in Western European countries, the Croatian health system applies very advanced and expensive procedures such as kidney transplants, and Croatia is at the very top in Europe with close to 50 transplants per one million inhabitants”, the report revealed.

According to the index Netherlands have the number 1 ranked health care system in Europe with 916 points. Switzerland (894 points) were next followed by Norway (854 points). At the bottom of the rankings were Serbia (554), Bulgaria (530), Romania (527), Albania (524), Poland (523) and Montenegro (282).

The EHCI, established in 2005, analyses 48 indicators to compile the index, including the right of patients to information, availability of medical services, treatment outcome, waiting lists, prevention, the consumption of drugs and their availability.

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