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Croatian gluten-free brand Bakin’mix wins prestigious international award 

Veronika and Staša (Photo credit: Adriana Karuza)

ZAGREB, 27 July 2020 – Staša Brozina and Veronika Uravić Čolak from Rijeka in Croatia have won one of the most prestigious design awards in the world. 

Staša and Veronika won the Red Dot award in the communication design category for their packaging design for the Croatian brand Bakin’mix. 

Croatian brand Bakin’mix is a gluten-free mixture for bread, pastries and cakes, which was developed in Croatia in cooperation with nutritionists and experts. The packaging was designed by Uravić Čolak from the design studio Reedesign Studio Rijeka. 

(Photo: Petar Fabian)

The Red Dot Award is the world’s most sought-after design quality label. The awards rewards work in 17 categories and 36 industries and have been awarded since 1955.  

This year a jury of 24 experts in the field of communication design judged the Red Dot Awards, and Bakin’mix was awarded in a competition of 6,992 works from around the world.

“This is a great incentive and wind in the sails for our first brand of products, which will certainly help in successful placement on the domestic and international market. We have proved that we care about the overall quality of the product, that we approached this project thoroughly and carefully, that a good team worked on the project, that Veronika was the right choice, and in addition to top product quality, we have a design that is in line with existing trends, and thus we commit ourselves to the highest standard in every segment of the business of our brand Bakin’mix. The reactions of everyone who saw the product were very positive from day one, but I still have to admit that the prize is a surprise because the competition is really great,” said Staša Brozina, director of A1 All Natural, which is behind the brand. 

(Photo: Petar Fabian)

“The process of building the brand and design of product packaging lasted about 6 months, we worked thoroughly and based on research and analysis of similar products in the domestic and international market. In the area of branding, the project included naming, visual identity of the product series and packaging design. A team of people from A1 All Natural and I was involved in all of this. We worked closely together, and we connected all our knowledge and experiences, and it was important to me personally that the goals of the brand were clearly set and communicated in advance,” reveals designer Veronika Uravić Čolak.

Bakin’mix has a pre-determined form of packaging as with other similar products, but as such it has given the opportunity in the design process to show the appearance of the product which with its structure creates the face of the brand – grandma with a grey hair bun. 

(Photo: Petar Fabian)

The packaging design thus emphasised the basic value of the brand – connecting tradition with modern food needs not only through the name but also the entire solution, reminding us of the warmth and unique flavours and aromas of traditional grandma’s kitchen. The product series includes seven different blends, and the choice of colours is based on research and trends of similar products in the world and achieving better visibility on store shelves.

Veronika and Staša (Photo credit: Adriana Karuza)

The two women from Rijeka started cooperating when Staša read the news that Veronika had won a Red Dot award for packaging. They were brought together by an acquaintance, and today they still have a lot of ideas and believe that they still have many common brands with an equally great visual identity ahead of them.

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