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Croatian Genius Beats Off 17,000 Applicants To Land London Job

A 25-year-old Croat has beaten off 17,000 applicants to land a job at American financial giants Morgan Stanley.

Zeljan Juretic, from the small village of Blato on the Dalmatian island of Korcula, graduated with a maximum average of 5.0 from the faculty of electrical engineering and computing in Zagreb, and won numerous university awards. He then went on to post-graduate studies at the prestigious Bocconi University in Italy courtesy of a scholarship.

“After finishing my studies in Zagreb I tried to find a job in my profession but had no luck,” said Zeljan, who was the top student at Bocconi University for quantitive finance and risk management.

During Juretic’s last year of studies in Italy he was selected by Morgan Stanley out of 17,000 applicants. Juretic will work at the banks London office but says that Croatia would have been his first choice.

“No one can say I did not try. I love Croatia, I wanted to stay, but I don’t have a magic wand. Every week I have at least two job offers from overseas, and none from Croatia. I believe that one day I will return to Croatia and help with my knowledge and experience,” said the young genius.

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