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Croatian Football Federation to get a new official crest

HNS to get a new crest (Photo: HNS)

The Croatian Football Federation (HNS), which is the governing body of Croatian football, has announced they are to change their famous crest. 

The current crest was created by academic sculptor Marijan Zaradić in 1972 and was introduced as the official HNS crest with only minimal changes in 1990 and 2013.

The recognisable red and white checks with a football graced the kit of the bronze medal-winning 1998 team and the silver medal-winning kit at the 2018 World Cup, as well the kit of Croatia teams at all levels. 

HNS crest

After winning the silver medal at the World Cup in Russia, HNS have decided to start a new chapter and will update the crest with a new and modern creation. 

HNS on Friday announced a competition open to the public as they search for the new design. 


Professional designers, design students and academic artists have been invited to submit their designs. 

The competition is open until 22 October with cash prizes for the winning entry as well as prizes for the next two best designs. 

You can find out more about the competition with rules and regulations on the HNS website. 

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