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[VIDEO] – Croatian Flag Features in David Guetta’s New Vid

CroatiaThe Croatian flag has featured prominently in popular French house music producer and DJ David Guetta’s latest music vid ‘One Voice’…

Guetta has teamed up with the United Nations for their ‘Raise funds for humanitarian’ campaign, with the unmistakable Croatian flag featuring at the start of the clip. Guetta is a big fan of the country, singing its praises every time he comes to perform.

“It’s a combination of images from my tours with amazing images of real people around the world and the work that the UN is doing,” he says. “Many of my music videos have gotten over 100 million views, so the idea that people could look at this video and exchange it, share it, then more people can tweet. I wish I could, but I can’t always do things myself. I’m just trying to work with people who are doing an amazing job by trying to use the emotions that I can give my music and how many people I’m touching with it,” said Guetta.

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