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Croatian Favourites Bevanda and Gemišt in a Can to Go

StoryA Dubrovnik artist, now residing in the capital Zagreb, is hoping to make a couple of Croatia’s favourite drinks a lot easier to consume..

Igor Hajdarhodžić is looking to take the famous gemišt and bevanda drinks down the same path as coffee (3 n 1) and spirits (RTD’s) by producing cans of pre-mixed gemišt and bevanda to go.

Gemišt, a mixture of white wine and carbonated water, and Bevanda (red wine and water), are favourites in Croatia and Hajdarhodžić hopes he can develop his product after recently being granted patents.

“Two years ago I started the process of investigating packaged wine, oil, juices..I started to think of some traditional Croatian drinks and products in cans; bevanda, gemišt, olive and pumpkin seed oil and a range of natural juices. I protect with patents a number of these which I just found out have been accepted (10 years protection for the stamp and name Bevanda to go and Gemišt to go), I am now looking at production, filling and distribution models. I have developed my own design and hope to use EU funds to develop production,” Hajdarhodžić told Story. (pic: Story)

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