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Croatian Diplomats on US Traffic Fines Black List

croatiaCroatian diplomats in the United States are near the top of the list for the region in not paying their traffic fines, according to a report released by NBC.

The report, which showed all unpaid camera and parking tickets each embassy had outstanding in the US had from 1 January 2002 to 31 July 2013, showed however that the Croatian drivers had a long way to go to beat some of the African drivers. Cameroon topped the list with 317 unpaid tickets still open. The tickets totalled 25,328 USD. Behind Cameroon was the Mauritania embassy with 174 ‘open’ tickets totalling 17,797 USD, with Nigeria still owing 11,865 USD in unpaid tickets. Croatia leads the Balkan nations with 18 unpaid fines totalling 1,692 USD, just ahead of Slovenia with 12 unpaid tickets and 1,055 USD debt. Total fines owed in the period totalled 374,331 USD.

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