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Croatian diaspora: Conference G2.6 brought together business people from more than 20 countries

croatian diaspora g2 meeting

For the sixth year in a row, Meeting G2 has successfully organized a business conference with the aim of connecting Croats from abroad with Croatian entrepreneurs.

Croatians from Great Britain, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Australia, the United States, Argentina, Poland, Latvia, Israel, and other countries from all continents of the world participated in the Meeting G2.6 conference where they had the opportunity to connect with successful Croatian business leaders, exchange experiences and discuss future business opportunities.

“During the six years of the Meeting G2 conference, we have gathered Croats from a total of 31 countries, creating a large network of business contacts. Personally, I have an optimistic view of the future of Croatia. I feel we are currently moving in the right direction, but perhaps a little too slow. People are waking up, and a good example is the project of the Croatian Chamber of Commerce “Go global, go virtual” which connects our diaspora. The state must recognize the potential of the diaspora, and motivate them to invest in Croatia, “said Josip Hrgetić, vice president of the MEETING G2 Association.

During the two days of the conference, dozens of excellent presentations and panels held by experts from the IT industry; government institutions; representatives of successful Croatian private enterprises; in all concluded the following four main points required for success in the future: 1. Share and connect with positive stories of Croatian success; 2. Innovations should be driven by the changes in our environment; 3. Excellence based on quality products and services; 4. Croatian exports should focus on sustainability and growth industries.

croatian diaspora g2 meeting

G2 panelists Aco Momcilović, Eugene Brčić Jones, Antun Krešimir Buterin, Josip Hrgetić, Mara Vitols Hrgetić

During one of the several interesting panels, “Stronger than coronavirus”, which was attended by representatives of Microblink, Infinum, Agrivi, Ad Plastik, Elda and Geolux, panelists stressed the importance of the IT industry as a strong tool for the positive branding of Croatia; as year on year there are more international success stories of Croatian IT companies, and these success stories have a ripple effect in improving Croatia’s image as a reputable business nation, opening up new opportunities for foreign investment. The paradigm is changing Croatia’s image, as not only an excellent tourist destination but also a nursery for excellent IT companies that are achieving success at the global level. The IT sector will continue to grow and Croatia has a chance to become the Silicon Valley of Europe.

croatian diaspora g2

Panelists Matija Žulj (Agrivi), Izet Ždralović (Microblink), Nikola Kapraljevic (Infinum)

The conference presented a plethora of information and upcoming planned changes, making it easier and more rewarding for those living abroad to return or to consider investing in Croatia. Making now the right time for those interested to make their first steps.  Easier process, such as the simplified process of gaining citizenship is an example of the decreased bureaucracy. Those who want to change something should not wait but return to Croatia and be part of the change. Also, efforts to facilitate remote work and a more flexible visa regime with individual countries will enable the Croatian diaspora to stay longer in Croatia, if not opening the opportunity to relocate their offices to Croatia.

The organizing committee of the G2 Conference was more than pleased with the engagement, topics and passion shared during G2.6 Conference, by Croatians all over the world.  So much so, that their mission of building better business contacts amongst the Croatian business community, will continue in 2021, with new and interesting content being prepared.

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