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Croatian designer presents new collection at London Fashion Week’s Fashion Finest

Olya Sookie presents her new collection in London – Photo: Davor Konjevod

Croatian designer presents latest collection of her brand Nephilim 4.0 – State of Mind at London Fashion Week’s Fashion Finest.

Croatian fashion designer Olya Sookie has showcased her latest creations to the London public, for second time, as a part of Fashion Finest platform on Saturday, 16 Febuary 2019.

This year’s collection was a special edition, dedicated to raising mental health awareness. Every dress represented one emotion. One dress represented anger, another depression, then anxiety, followed by fear and loneliness.

The final dress represented an emotion that every person strives to reach – serenity.

The collection is inspired by the designer’s own and everyday emotions, but it is made to support talk about mental health and to show the beauty of it.The only way to overcome our universal fragile state of mind is to embrace it, and to work our way through it with art.

The audience greeted Olya’s newest creations with adoration and plethora of positive reactions. One of the reasons for it was Chiara Bordi (18), an Italian model who has a prosthetic leg. The young model lost her left leg in a traffic accident and she never let that fact stop her in achieving her personal dreams and goals, so she took a walk down the runway for Olya.

“I support diversity on catwalks,  and I was more than happy to have an atypical model. After all, fashion is meant for all body types and shouldn’t be presented unrealistically  by a single body figure. I want all girls and woman to be free to wear whatever they want, whenever they want to, without hesitation or fear of conforming to certain norms. I found Chiara to be absolutely stunning on the runway and I welcome Fashion Finest as a platform for recognising the need to include such fine and diverse models,” says Olya.

Olya Sookie (Olja Luetic) was born in the Croatian coastal town of Makarska and studied industrial design at the Fine Arts High School in Split before graduating in product design from the Academy of Fine Arts in Sarajevo.

Anger – Photo credit: londoncreative.uk
Depression – Photo credit: londoncreative.uk 
Fear – Photo credit: londoncreative.uk 
Lonlieness – Photo credit: londoncreative.uk 
Anxiety – Photo credit: londoncreative.uk 
Serenity – Photo credit: londoncreative.uk 

Photo credit: Davor Konjevod 

Olya Sookie with Chiara Bordi – Photo credit: Davor Konjevod

You can check out more of Olya’s work on her website.

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