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Croatian Cream Cheese Now Available in South Korea


A Croatian fresh creme cheese will be available for sale on supermarket shelves for the first time in South Korea…

Belje last week sent its first container of ABC fresh cream cheese to South Korea after the firm made a deal with Lotte Co at the Seoul Food fair earlier this year.

ABC cream cheese is a completely natural product, made from carefully selected and controlled milk from the Belje farms by using a unique technological process. ABC cream cheese is made purely of milk, cream and salt without any additives and preserves and comes in various varieties (chives, ham, piquant and vegetables).

Belje have made big strides in the last year exporting ABC to international markets. Earlier this year Belje sent its first shipment to the Middle East and have exported around 100 tonnes of ABC since then. Winning international awards such as the ITQ Superior Taste Award this year has helped the brand in its push to enter more global markets.

This year the brand celebrated 35 years of production.

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