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Croatian Company’s World First – French Fries Without a Drop of Oil

CroatiaCroatian fast food brand Surf’n’Fries are claiming to be the first in the world to make French fries without using a drop of oil…

Chain Surf’n’Fries, who specialises in fried and sauces, have presented their new SURFFRY technology, a revolutionary method of cooking fries.

“Although it sounds incredible, Surf’n’Fries have managed to make French fries without using oil. SURFFRY is a new technology which uses moisture from the potatoes and hot air at 250 C for a few minutes t prepare the fries without using a drop of oil,” the Rijeka based company said, adding that they have come up with the new technology after working with a Scandinavian company who specialise in making pizza ovens.

“Testing with clients has shown that people often do not notice the difference, it is only when we tell them that they are made without oil that we see a lot of surprised faces,” said Surf’n’Fries, who also will be making chicken wings and chicken nuggets without oil also.

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