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Croatian company’s Argeta pâté brand No.1 in Europe

Argeta (Photo: Argeta)

1 March 2019 – Croatian company Atlantic Grupa are celebrating a year of records, including their pâté brand establishing itself as the No.1 meat savoury spread in Europe, the company said in a statement. 

Argeta pâté, which is one of Atlantic Grupa’s most popular brands, had a huge 2018.

“Among numerous initiatives, Argeta particularly stands out in the development of its own product range, and which, after a successful start of a service production in the USA a year earlier, established itself last year as the No.1 meat savoury spread in Europe, with realised two-digit sales growth,” Atlantic Grupa said. 

In 2018, the company started Argeta pâté production at a plant in Harrisburg, the state capital of Pennsylvania in the United States for the first time. Argeta pâté is produced without meat-processing by-products, exclusively from high-quality meat and natural spices, without preservatives and additives of any kind, and with prominent international quality certificates.

Argeta pâté is produced using the same recipe for over 50 years, and it all began with the production of fish pate. Its chicken pate, which was given the name “Argeta” a few years later, began its unprecedented conquest of the world’s markets in 1963. 

Argeta pâté (Atlantic Grupa)

Today, Argeta is the world’s largest producer of pâté that annually produces 110 million cans of pâté, which are sold in nearly 30 countries worldwide.

Last year, Atlantic Grupa recorded total sales of HRK 5.3 billion, which compared to the previous year represents organic growth of 4.2 percent.

“Atlantic Grupa ended the year 2018 with exceptional success, both from the aspect of achieved business results and the recognitions it has won. Last year, we were listed as the first issuer on the Prime Market of the Zagreb Stock Exchange, we were winners of the First Prize for Best Investor Relations, but also for the highest annual share price increase, of as much as 34.5 percent, which reflected in the highest level of market capitalization since Atlantic’s share is traded with on the ZSE,” Emil Tedeschi, President of the Management Board emphasised.

Argeta pâté produced also in the USA (Atlantic Grupa)

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