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Croatian Company to Produce Parts for New Luxury Maserati

Maserati (photo: wikimedia)

Maserati (photo: wikimedia)

Based in Solin near Spit on the Dalmatian coast, automotive plastic components company AD Plastik have just landed a lucrative contract…

AD Plastik have been contracted to produce parts for the new luxury Maserati Levante.

The Maserati Levante luxury crossover SUV, which is based on the Kubang concept car, is built by Maserati at the Mirafiori factory, in Turin, and will feature Croatian-made components. When it is released, the 4-wheel-drive Levante will feature Maserati’s 3.0L V6 engine.

AD Plastik have produced parts for a number of vehicles before, but this is the first time it has partnered up with a luxury model.

“These new projects for us not only mean an increase in sales, and revenue growth. Cooperation with Maserati opens a new area in the business of AD Plastik. Besides being our first joint development project with Maserati, Levante falls into the category of luxury vehicles so it is our first opportunity to work on such vehicles. This is proof that we have the knowledge, capacity and quality necessary in order to meet the needs of the most demanding customers and models in the automotive market,” CEO of AD Plastik Marinko Došen said.

It was not the only big deal the company done this year, at the start of February AD Plastik signed a contract to produce parts for the new Ford EcoSport SUV.

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