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Croatian Community Rejects PM in Australia – “I am Not Tito’s Puppet”

HRTCroatian Prime Minister Zoran Milanović has begun his official visit to Australia and New Zealand by having to answer questions as to why he was not welcome at any Croatian Community Clubs in Australia…

Speaking in Sydney on Monday to SBS World News, Milanović was asked about the reception from the Croatian Community clubs in Australia, who all closed their doors to the Prime Minister and openly stated that Milanović was not welcome on their premises.

“I am not surprised at all, but it is my duty, its statesmen like, it something I have to do. It would be easier to do the home business in Croatia, because this (visit) has been controversial even at home with critics asking why during a crisis I am going so far away,” said the PM, before explaining why he may be so disliked by the Croatian diaspora down under.

“Some people here are labeling me as a Tito’s puppet, which couldn’t be more ridiculous. I never served in the communist police, which many of my political opponents did. I was never a member of the communist party,” Milanović said, who added that was not embarrassed that he was not able to visit the Croatian clubs in Australia.

“I am not here for your money, you worked hard for it, we don’t need your money. I am not here for your votes either,” said Milanović.

Milanović will also visit Canberra  and Melbourne in Australia, before going to Wellington and Auckland in New Zealand. It is the first time a Croatian Prime Minister has visited both of those nations, where more than 300,000 people with Croatian ancestry reside. (Screenshot HRT)

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