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Croatian Community in Boston Gathers for Traditional Fall Picnic


Croatians in the Boston area of America have demonstrated their love and passion for Croatia by gathering in large numbers at the traditional Fall Picnic of the New England Friends of Croatia,(NEFC), www.friendsofcroatia.org.

More than 100 Croats and friends of Croatia as well as their children showed up at the picnic where everyone was comparing their visits to Croatia over the summer. This event also marks the beginning of the school year for the Croatian School of Boston which for the ninth year is organizing Croatian language and culture classes.

The NEFC was formed as a not-for-profit organization in 1992 with a mission to organize and coordinate charitable, educational and humanitarian activities to assist people in Croatia and in the US. Over time, the focus has shifted to creating awareness of Croatia in New England as well as assisting Croatians who are coming to the Boston area for professional development.

“I believe that Croatia’s biggest assets are its people, be it in Croatia or abroad, and we certainly see it in Boston where our experts are holding established positions in the academia, various businesses and hospitals,” said Mirena Bagur, chair of the Board of the NEFC and businesswoman involved in innovation and entrepreneurial circles in Boston. “Our passion and love for our homeland combined with the expertise and contacts in different areas, such as informatics, biology or healthcare, can be of significant assistance in helping a new generation of leaders in Croatia to make it as strong and as prosperous as possible.”

To all Croats and friends of Croatia who are arriving to the Boston area, the message is clear – please contact [email protected] to get involved with the community and extend your arm to assist in building a stronger Croatia.

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