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Croatian Christmas recipe: Kiflice

Kiflice (Photo: CroChef/Zagreb Tourist Board)

Vanilla flavored kiflice, or vanilla half-moons, are small soft biscuit which are very popular over the Christmas period in Croatia and in Croatian households.

Made using walnuts, kiflice are usually eaten as a small dessert after a meal or with an afternoon tea or coffee.

Check out this simple recipe to make your own at home.


Flour – 250 g
Butter – 200 g
Walnuts (ground) – 100 g
Vanilla sugar – 70 g
Egg white – 1
Icing sugar


1. In a bowl put the flour then add the ground walnuts, vanilla sugar, 1 egg white and the butter (add touch of water if need be)

2. With your hands mix together, try to do it quickly as warm hands will help melt the butter

3. Once it is mixed then shape it into an elongated ball and cut into 4 even pieces

4. Each piece roll into a sausage shape and then cut into 2cm wide pieces – then with each piece shape them into a kiflice

5. Place the kiflice on baking paper (sprinkled with flour)

6. Bake in the oven for 15 minutes at 150°C

7. Take them out and plate them – sprinkle with icing sugar and enjoy!

Kiflice (Photo: CroChef/Zagreb Tourist Board)

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