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Croatian cHOTolate to Take on International Market

New * cHOTolate chocolate * (Spicy Days)

Two award-winning small Croatian producers have joined to forces to create a unique chocolate which is going to take on the international market.

Local chili pepper producer Volim ljuto and Taman Artisan Chocolates from Zagreb have joined their products to produce a series of chocolate.

The new * cHOTolate chocolate * combination contains 60% dark chocolate with a crispy slice of salted butter caramel, dried cherries and pimento scattered with Carolina Reaper chili – which is dubbed the hottest chili in the world.

The idea for the recipe came from Stiv Kahlin, owner of Taman Artisan Chocolates.

* cHOTolate chocolate *

“This co-operation (with Volim Ljuto) was both a pleasure and a challenge, and we wanted to achieve a harmonious combination of different flavors, in which the heat from the chilli would not overcome other flavors, but merge with them into a harmonious one,” Kahlina says.

Both Croatian producers have won international awards. Taman Artisan Chocolates won the bronze prize for their dark chocolate milk with coconut, lemon and lemon grass, while Volim Ljuto’s Brutalero Scorpion sauce was proclaimed the world runner-up in the ultra-hot category at the Louisiana competition.


The Chocoalte, from manufacturer Malo&Slatko, started to export to Japan with other international markets a focus in 2018.

The chocolate is available at Spicy Days shop in Zagreb or on their online shop.

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