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Croatian Chain Mlinar Opens its Biggest Bakery in Pakistan


Croatia’s oldest and largest bakery chain has opened its first and biggest outlet in Pakistan. The 300m2 bakery and cafe, which is on five floors, opened in the Pakistan city of Lahore on Friday.

The bakery and cafe in Pakistan’s second largest city is operated by Mlinar’s franchise partner in Pakistan and is the largest Mlinar Cafe in the world.

Mlinar Caffe in Lahore (Mlinar)

Mlinar has over 230 bakeries around the world with the bakeries set out exactly the same as their Croatia bakeries with the same products. Mlinar has rapidly expanded franchises internationally over the last two years, with bakeries opening in Switzerland, Australia, Germany, Slovenia, Dubai, Ireland, Slovakia, Sweden, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Saudi Arabia.

Mlinar Caffe Lahore (Mlinar)

There are plans to open 22 more Mlinar bakeries in Pakistan over the next five years, Mlinar said. Mlinar is the first food company in Croatia which has exported to Pakistan.

(Mlinar Pakistan)

Today, Mlinar exports products like bureks and pastries, to 19 international markets and employs around 2,000 people in Croatia where their headquarters are.

Mlinar have production plants in Osijeku, Poreč, Šibenik and Zagreb.

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