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Croatian beach named one of world’s 50 best beaches  

Croatian beach on the list of the world's 50 best beaches

One of Croatia’s stunning beaches has gained international recognition, making its way onto the coveted list of the world’s 50 best beaches. 

The compilation of the most beautiful beaches in the world was published on Monday and nestled amidst this prestigious ranking is a Croatian gem that captures the essence of pristine natural beauty and invites visitors to indulge in its splendour.

Securing a spot among the best beaches worldwide in No.39 place is Pasjača beach. 

Nestled within the Dubrovnik Riviera’s Konavle region, Pasjača beach shines as an undiscovered treasure. Rather than a natural formation, this remarkable beach emerged from the excavation of tunnels in nearby villages. As time passed, the relentless sea eroded the rugged rocks, giving birth to a stunning shoreline concealed amidst towering cliffs. 

Pasjača’s unmatched allure and seclusion render it an impeccable sanctuary for seekers of tranquility, offering a picturesque haven with crystal-clear waters and majestic precipices that seem to touch the sky.

Croatian beach named one of world's 50 best beaches  

Pasjača beach (Photo credit: Zoran Jelaca/Croatian Tourist Board)

This alluring Croatian beach stands alongside beaches on the list like Lucky Bay in Australia, which was ranked No.1 in the world, Source D’Argent in the Seychelles, and Hidden Beach in the Philippines, among others. 

TOP 10 World’s Best Beaches

1. Lucky Bay, Australia
2. Source D’Argent, the Seychelles
3. Hidden Beach, the Philippines
4. Whitehaven Beach, Australia
5. One Foot Island, Cook Islands
6. Trunk Bay, US Virgin Islands
7. Honopu Beach, Hawaii
8. Reynisfjara Beach, Iceland
9. Navagio Beach, Greece
10. Balandra Beach, Mexico
39. Pasjača Beach, Croatia

You can see the full list here. 

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