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Croatian Bakery Giants to Open Stores in Spain & Slovakia

Mlinar1Croatia’s leading bakery chain Mlinar, which has over 170 shops in Croatia, plans to conquer two more markets in Europe after opening its first store in Germany on the prestigious Marienplatz in Munich last week…

Mlinar, who also already operate in Hungary and Slovenia, says that it plans to open a further 150 stores in Germany in the next five years, as well as opening in two new countries – Spain and Slovakia.

Mlinar's Munich store which opened recently

Mlinar’s Munich store which opened recently

“The first reaction from customers in Munich has been excellent. I can not say that is surprising as we have planned this for a long time, researching local habits and expectations. Burek is the most sold item so far in Germany,” Mlinar executive Marin Picukarić told Index, adding that Croatia’s entry into the EU has simplified things for the business abroad.

“Burek’s from Mlinar can be purchased in Australia, Kuwait, Dubai, Sweden and in a number of other European countries,” said Picukarić, who also announced that Mlinar are planning to open franchises in Slovakia and Spain.


Mlinar’s popular burek

“We are planning to open new stores in Europe. In the next three months we expect to open in Bratislava (Slovakia) and Valencia (Spain). In 2016 we will open stores in at least another two European countries.

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