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Croatian Actress Fulfills Dream With ‘Mad Max’ Role

youtubeCroatian-born actress Melita Jurišić says that she has fulfilled a ‘lifetime dream’ after playing a part in the latest ‘Mad Max’ film…

Melita, who was born in Croatia and left to live in Australia as a child, plays The Vuvalini along side Charlize Theron in ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’, which grossed more than $110 million in its opening week, the biggest opening ever for director George Miller and is already the highest grossing of all the ‘Mad Max’ films.

“It was a childhood dream. We filmed in Namibia, then in Cape Town and parts in Sydney. Filming was excellent, when you get in front of the camera it all comes easy,” said Melita.

Jurišić, who has also acted in two Croatian films (Kotlovina – 2011 & Transatlantik – 1998), says that despite leaving Croatia as a child it is still a big part of her identity.

“The Croatian part of my identity is palpable, strong, and today very present, despite that my grandmother, grandfather, mum, and dad, everyone I’ve lived in Australia with, has passed away. I am in contact with family and colleagues back in Croatia. In terms of identity I constantly feel like a hybrid,” Melita told Jutarnji list.

(photo credit / melitajurisic.com)

(photo credit / melitajurisic.com)

‘Mad Max’ was #1 at the box office in almost 40 territories, including Australia, France, Russia, Spain, Italy, Brazil, and Korea.

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