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Croatia Would Win World Cup if….

CroatiaCroatia would beat Spain in the final, whilst France and Switzerland would play off for third and fourth spot if this year’s World Cup in Brazil was based on the most tourists per capita

Out of the 32 nations competing in Brazil, Croatia would be crowned World Champions went it comes to popularity as a tourist destination. With 2.45 tourists per capita, Croatia beats population destination Spain in the final. More than 11 million tourists visit Croatia each year, which has a population of just over 4 million. Greece, Portugal, Uruguay and Belgium also made the quarterfinal stage, whilst there were early exits for Australia, Brazil and England.

In other ‘what if’ scenarios, USA would beat Australia in the final if the World Cup was played for most McDonald’s restaurants per capita, whilst Nigeria edges England in the final for most agricultural land.

Source: WSJ (screenshot)

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