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Croatia Weighing Up Vignette System for its Motorways

mwAnyone heading to the Croatian coast or back from it during peak periods would have at some stage most likely experienced ques at toll booths…

Once again this summer the question has been asked why Croatia does not follow the example of other European nations and get rid of toll booths altogether to reduce congestion and queues on the motorway. With debate going on about should Croatia introduce a vignette system for its motorways, Minister of Transport Siniša Hajdaš Dončić has issued a statement on Facebook.

“Together with the World Bank we are working on the B model of monetization, which includes financial and organizational restructuring of Croatian Motorways (HAC and HAC ONC’s). The analysis of the model of charging tolls is an integral part of organizational restructuring, because our goal is to get the highest possible value through the IPO. If the model show that vignettes or electronic chips are the way to go then we will choose this model”, the Minister wrote on Facebook.

Vignettes is a form of compulsory road tax. A prepaid small coloured toll-sticker is affixed on a vehicle’s windscreen, therefore doing away with the need for toll booths. Vignettes, which can be obtained at petrol stations and on highways, are used in countries such as Austria, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Moldova, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia and Switzerland.

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