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Croatia Week website’s 10 most-read articles in 2018

Ivan Rakitić during the World Cup homecoming celebrations (HNS)

30 December 2018 – 2018 has been a memorable year. There was plenty to celebrate on the sporting field, most notably with the success of the Croatian football and tennis teams.

2018 was also the year that one of the greatest Croatian singers of all time, Oliver Dragojević, was farewelled. It has been a busy year and these were the most read articles in 2018. 


So what would a traditional Croatian breakfast be? With Croatia being so diverse thanks to various influences, to answer the question one would have to break it down regionally…read the full article here


Condolences have been flooding in for former Croatian football international Josip Simunic and his wife Christina with the news that their young daughter has passed away…read the full article here


There are lots of interesting little fun facts about Croatia. Here are just 55 of them – some you may know and some you most likely won’t…read the full article here


How does a country with a population of only around 4 million people manage to excel so much on the international sporting stage…read the full article here


Horvat is no longer the most common surname in Croatia according to the latest list of the 200 most common surnames in Croatia…read the full article here 


The honours list for Croatian teams and individuals in 2018 is a long one with a number of world and European titles won. A look at some of the major successes for Croatia in sport this year…read the full article here


Jelena Žanko, a Croatian-American born to parents proudly hailing from the Dalmatian region of Croatia, shares her experience of how she became a Croatian citizen…read the full article here


Although being a Croatian living in a football-mad nation, I was never really a fan until this World Cup gripped me as it did the rest of the country (and most of the world)…read the full article here


There were euphoric scenes all over Croatia as Mario Mandžukić sent the nation into the World Cup final deep into extra-time…read the full article here


Legendary Croatian singer and songwriter Oliver Dragojević, who passed away on Sunday aged 70, was farewelled in the city of Split…read the full article here

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