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Croatia Tops EU’s Unemployment Fiasco

ffGreece, Spain and Croatia lead the way in the European Union when it comes to unemployment rates, according to the latest Eurostat data…

There were 26.9 million people jobless in September in the EU, of which 19.4 million live in the Eurozone. In comparison with data from August, the number of unemployed has increased by 61,000 in the EU, of which 60,000 live in the Eurozone. Among the member states which recorded the lowest unemployment rates were Austria (4.9 percent), Germany (5.2 percent) and Luxembourg (5.9 percent).

The rate of unemployed young people in September was 23.5 percent in the EU and 24.1 percent in the Eurozone. In Croatia, 52.8 percent of young people do not have jobs, say Eurostat.

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