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Croatia To Lose 300 Doctors And 750 Nurses

The Croatian Medical Chamber (HLK) is concerned that Croatia’s entry into the European Union will see a drain out of the country of hundreds of doctors and nurses.

The HLK estimate that in the first year of Croatia’s EU entry around 300 doctors and 750 nurses will leave Croatia to work in hospitals abroad.

“Sadly, it is a fact that Croatia roughly spends around 300,000 to educate one doctor, and we are letting these doctors go to work in other countries,” said Kresimir Luetic from HKL, adding that although a number of EU countries have imposed restrictions on Croatian workers, Scandinavian countries have not and they will be attractive destinations for Croatian doctors.

Croatia’s Minister of Health Rajko Ostojic is fully aware of the situation. “We expect in the first year to lose 200 to 250 doctors and 750 nurses. Unfortunately, the best will go abroad, their understudies will treat us,” said Ostojic.

The HKL confirms that they have received a number of enquiries already from foreign doctors wanting to work in Croatia since they joined the EU on 1 July.According to latest estimates, Croatia is around 4,000 doctors short currently.

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