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Croatia to get its Second LEGO® Certified Store

(photo credit: Lego)

(photo credit: Lego)

The first exclusive LEGO® Certified Store in Croatia, and the first of its kind in South East Europe, opened in Zagreb in September last year, and now Dalmatia is set to get its very own as Lego plan to open a second store…

LEGO® are planning an expansion in Croatia with the next LEGO® Certified Store set to open in the country’s second largest city – Split – on 6 October.

The popular construction toy store in the Mall of Split, which will be over 140 square meters in size, will offer the entire range of LEGO® creative toys for children and adults, including exclusive product lines “Architecture” and “Technic” for architect and engineer enthusiasts, as well as “Star Wars” LEGO® for fans of the legendary George Lucas series.

The new Split store will also feature the ‘Pick-a-Brick’ , which allows customers to choose and purchase a precise part that they need. The Lego Group, a privately held company based in Billund, Denmark, began manufacturing interlocking toy bricks in 1949. Since then a global Lego subculture has developed, supporting movies, games, competitions, and six themed amusement parks. As of 2013, around 560 billion Lego parts had been produced.

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