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Croatia Target More Chinese Tourists

CroatiaCroatia’s Minister of Tourism Darko Lorencin has met with China’s new ambassador to Croatia, where the pair discussed ways to attract more tourists from China to the country…

NJ.E. Deng Ying told Lorencin that China saw Croatia as a friendly nation, but also a tourist nation with rich natural resources. Deng Ying was pleased that more and more Chinese were now discovering Croatia, and pointed out that most Chinese, unlike the Europeans who visit in the summer months, usually take their holidays abroad in October. Deng Ying said it was common for the Chinese to visit a number of countries in 10-12 days when they travel.

Lorencin will make an official visit to China in April, where he aims to advance relations and attract more tourists from China to Croatia. “It is especially important to us that Chinese tourists visit destinations outside of the main part of the season and we are working with other destinations to create packages which will be competitive for the Chinese market,” said Lorencin.

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