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Croatia Set To Repeat Last Year’s Record Tourism Numbers

After a very successful 2012 when a growth of 5 percent in tourism put Croatia in top place  in the Mediterranean and also boosted the GDP by brining in 7 billion euros from foreign tourists, this rising star of European tourism is set to repeat, if not improve on last year’s results especially on the German market.

According to Meri Matesic, director of the Croatian National Tourist Board (HTZ) Head Office, who was greeted by more than 40 international and domestic journalists at a press conference held at the Berlin ITB expo:  “ 2012 was a fantastic year for Croatian tourism but it was also a year of eye openings since we cannot just pat ourselves on the back and say that the job is done. Our task now is to continue this growth with even better services, wider variety of accommodation choices, more exciting events and even more memorable experiences not only during summer months and not only on our coast because we have just as much to offer in continental tourism. This is the year when we invite you to discover all of Croatia, any time of year, for any age and any occasion”.

             Meri Matesic talking to reporters in Berlin

Judging by the interest generated by the Croatian stand, Germans will again place Croatia amongst one of their favourite holiday destinations and with well known some destinations, new cycling routes across the country, even better camping grounds, exciting new products in continental tourism, and great gastro and wine packages, this interest is not surprising.

Croatian wine was presented during the press conference with the help of a renowned German sommelier and wine expert Thomas Brandl who concluded that Croatia has a lot to offer in terms of exquisite wines which is proven ever year by the number of international accolades and awards and it is only a matter of time before they earn the world wide recognition they deserve.

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