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Croatia Set for Untypical Winter



The Croatian state met service got it right before the summer with long-range forecast when they predicted that it would an above average summer temperature wise, so it may pay not to take the latest prognosis with a grain of salt…

According to DHMZ’s long-range forecast the winter ahead in Croatia looks set to be a mild one with above average winter temperatures again. Last winter went down as one of the warmer ones on record, and looks like lovers of the big freeze are set to be disappointed again.

However, the met office pointed out that the long-term forecast does not mean that there will not be short periods of very cold, chilly weather.

At last week’s meeting of the representatives of the National Meteorological Services of Southeast European countries, part of the Climate Forum for Southeast Europe (SEECOF), it was agreed that the region of Croatia would experience a warm winter with above average temperatures.

Rainfall was expected to be at average levels over the winter, but with more than usual forecast for northern inland regions.

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