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Croatia Searching for the Next Top Elite Model Look

Kristina Šalinović

Kristina Šalinović

Less than two weeks until the start of Elite Model Look 2016 Croatia, where the Croatian Elite team will visit Zagreb, Split, Rijeka, Osijek, Zadar and Slavonski Brod…

For the last 33 years Elite have organised the world’s most prestigious international modelling contest that discovered top models such as Cindy Crawford, Stephanie Seymour, Gisele Bundchen, Sigrid Agren and Constance Jablonski, and now thanks to Relatum Model Agency, Croatian girls and guys will have a unique opportunity.

Besides Marko Lovrić, director of Relatum Model Agency who bought the famous world modeling competition to Croatia, the casting jury will include one of the most successful Croatian international models Kristina Šalinović. During her career Kristina graced the covers of the world’s leading fashion magazines, and wore the collections of some of the biggest names of fashion on the runway.

Casting venues – start time 16:00

Saturday 7 May – Arena Centar, Zagreb
Sunday 8 May – Zapadni trgovački centar (ZTC) Rijeka
Saturday 14 May – TC Portanova, Osijek
Sunday 15 May – City Colosseum, Slavonski Brod
Saturday 21 May – City Center one Split
Sunday 22 May – Supernova centar Zadar


At the end of the tour around Croatia, around 40 girls and 40 guys will be selected to take part in the national casting to be held in June 2016. Competitors selected by the Elite Model Look jury, 8 women and 8 men, will then be invited to participate in the final national competition. The ultimate goal is to earn a place at the prestigious world finals where more than 50 girls and guys selected from over 30 countries will be taking part to and to get a two-year contract with Elite.

To take part in the Elite Model Look competition girls and guys must be between 14 and 22 years of age, with the girls at least 172 cm tall and guys 183 cm. Anyone taking part under 18 must be accompanied by the consent of a parent or guardian to participate. Girls should wear minimal makeup and wear clothes which show their figures, such as tights, tight jeans and a normal t-shirt. Guys should also wear clothes which show their figures, such as tight jeans and a t-shirt (no caps).

We caught up with Relatum Model Agency director and model scout Marko Lovrić ahead of the casting. Lovrić himself enjoyed a impressive modeling career, working the best fashion shows for some of the great designers. He has worked and lived in the likes of Milan, Paris, Istanbul, China and Mexico.

How did Elite Model Look come to Croatia?

Elite is the most prestigious and the top model agency in the world, as they also have Women model management in their group. To get the licencee of Elite Look Model is not that easy. Elite Look Model team look for responsible, hard working, loyal people who know very well how to do their job and be the best in it. As they recognize potential in us, we are honored , but also we want to justify the trust they have given us.

What are you expecting from Elite Model Look Croatia?

To find faces what will be a part of the top agency in the world, and join top models in this industry. To sign with Elite means you are the best of the best. I don’t want to be falsely modest, I want to have a winner of Elite Look Model 2016, or at list have them in the top 15.

Marko Lovrić

Marko Lovrić

Is modelling a popular career choice among young people in Croatia?

I think still it is not, we want to educate young people and also their parents to change the opinion about this job. Is a job like any other. Lot of sacrifices, but also a very beautiful job. Models need to be always ready, have a great walk, know how to pose in different way, how to act, how to represent them self to the media, be ready to do what clients want of them, and sometimes it is not that easy. As a model I met very successful people, was dealing with so many different characters, also in many unpredictable and unusual situations, when you have to react very fast and make decision for yourself, always be responsible. As a model I become independent faster than my high school or university generation. Modeling makes you stronger person, that’s for sure.

How much of finding girls and guys on your books is done randomly off the street?

A lot of them. I am scouting everywhere where I am.

What look is popular at the moment for girls and guys?

Fashion industry is always looking to be inspired by a model’s look. Trying to find something new is always a challenge. This season, I think they look for more cool, unique, kind rock’n’roll look. Boys with longer hair, with cool style. With the girls it is hard to say, as a unique and different look will always be interesting. Tall and healthy skinny, fresh and with nice clean skin.

What was the most interesting shoot you worked on during your career?

It happened in Mexico. For Mexican GQ magazine, all the team was just on the same page. We shot on the beach where Alfonso Cuaron did his cult movie „Y Tu Mama Tambien“ (And Your Mother Too). I woke up with my first morning coffee and watched whales ”dancing” performance, in front of me, that was something I ll never forget. Sun was so strong, we were shooting outside, and it was so hard to get the photos we wanted. After so many poses on the tree where the photographer wanted me to be, I fell down on a huge cactus. Even though all the team were helping me, it was hurting so much, we had to continue with shooting and finally get what we needed. I will never forget the team, how I feel down, all the nature there. Even now when remembering this I am having a smile on my face. Love them all, where ever they are at the moment.

Do you have any advice for someone wanting to get into modelling?

Be yourself, fight for yourself, take care of your skin and body, and be responsible young people. Take the opportunities which God gives them.

For more information about Elite Look Croatia 2016 visit the official website here.

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