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Croatia Ranks High on World Tourism Safety Report

Croatia ranks high on global tourism safety report

Croatia has been ranked among one of the safest countries in the world for holidaymakers to visit in a prestigious new report.

Croatia has been ranked in 24th spot, just .56 points behind the No.1 ranked Finland for safety on the 2017 Travel & Tourism Competitiveness Report.

The report ranked 136 countries on factors and policies that influence travel and tourism, including exposing tourists and business to security risks including violence and terrorism.

In second place on the Safety Report was UAE, followed by Iceland and Oman. Hong Kong, Singapore, and Norway were the next best ranked, with Switzerland, Rwanda and Qatar rounded out the top ten.

The United Kingdom were ranked in 78th place, whilst the United States came in 84th.

The Safety Rankings (World Economic Forum)

The safety and security rating was just one section of the report from the World Economic Forum. The risk of becoming a victim to petty crime was not included.

The least safe destination in the world was Colombia, followed by Yemen and El Salvador.

Dubrovnik (photo credit: Joseph Kukets)

The overall rankings when all factors, including cultural strengths and infrastructure, were taken into account, had Spain ranked No.1, followed by France, Germany, Japan and the UK. Croatia was ranked in 32nd spot overall.

Overall Top 10

1. Spain
2. France
3. Germany
4. Japan
5. United Kingdom
6. United States
7. Australia
8. Italy
9. Canada
10. Switzerland

Stiniva Beach on Vis island (image credit: Ante Babic)

You can read the report here.

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