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Croatia Ranked World’s 15th ‘Greenest’ Country

Plitvice (photo: Silimon Misi)

Plitvice (photo: Silimon Misi)

Croatia has ranked 15th ‘Greenest Country’ out of 180 in the latest Environmental Performance Index (EPI) compiled by Yale University…

The Environmental Performance Index ranks how well countries perform on high-priority environmental issues in two broad policy areas: protection of human health from environmental harm and protection of ecosystems.

Croatia ranked a high 15th with a score of 86.98. Finland, with a score of 90.68, were the top ranked nation in the world, followed by Iceland, Sweden and Denmark. Somalia, Eritrea, Madagascar and Niger are at the bottom of the ranking.


Croatia tackled a number of environmental issues (photo: Romeo Ibrišević / C.I.O.S)

According to the 2016 Environmental Performance Index, progress is being made in some environmental protection issues, while regressing in a number of others. Progress has been achieved in access to drinking water and toilets, while air pollution is the biggest problem, notably in fast growing economies.

You can see the full Environmental Performance Index here.

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