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Croatia Ranked 56th in the World for Ease of Trade

exportsCroatia has been ranked in 56th place out of a total of 138 nations when it comes to the ease of trading and doing business in this year’s Global Enabling Trade Report…

The leading nations on this year’s report were Singapore and Hong Kong, with the Netherlands, New Zealand, Finland, UK, Switzerland, Chile, Sweden and Germany in the top 10. Besides from Slovenia who were 38th on the list, Croatia was ranked higher than all its neighbours – Serbia (89th), Bosnia and Herzegovina (78th), Macedonia (63rd), Montenegro (49th).

Published every two years, the Global Enabling Trade Report assesses the quality of policies, infrastructures, and services facilitating the free flow of goods over borders and to their destinations. The report benchmarks the performance of 138 economies in four critical areas: market access; border administration; infrastructure; and operating environment. As a widely used reference, the report helps economies integrate global value chains and companies into their investment decisions. It informs policy dialogue and provides a tool to monitor progress on certain aspects of global trade.

According to the criteria, Croatia scored the best in the infrastructure category (42nd), whilst under ‘operating environment’ Croatia ranked in 69th spot, ‘market access’ 50th, and border administration 65th. Problems identified for Croatia included burdensome import procedures, technical requirements and standards in the country, tariffs, corruption at the border, crime and theft.

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