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Croatia Rallys Around For Little Nora – UPDATE: Nora Off To America, 2.5M Raised

UPDATE: Little Nora will hopefully be on a place to America by the end of the week after Croatians rallied around and raised 2.5 million kuna in just 48 hours. Dinamo Zagreb Chairman Zdravko Mamic and Zagreb Mayor Milan Bandic have promised to meet any remaining costs if the fundraising fell short. 3.3 million kuna (close to 500,000 euros) was required to send Nora for treatment. Nora’s mother Dana said on Monday she had met with Bandic and hopes to be on a plane by the end of the week.

“I will take my daughter, carry her on my back, and swim with her across the Atlantic ocean to take her for treatment in America,” said Dana Situm, the mother of a 5-year-old girl who is dying from an acute lymphoblastic leukemia, to newspaper 24sata.

Little Nora Situm’s only hope for survival is to go to a Philadelphia children’s hospital for special treatment. The problem is that Nora’s only hope costs close to half a million euros, and her family has only 8 days to come up with it due to her condition.

With the Situm’s in no financial position to cover the costs, Croatia has began to rally around to raise the necessary funds to send Nora to America. Personalities have turned to social media to show their support and help out, including Italy’s Inter Milan football team.


More than 40,000 people have joined the Facebook page set up for her, and donations have been pouring in from around Croatia and the world.

Details for those interested in helping out with donations below:

Udruga Hrabro dijete

OIB 58243364080

Croatia donations: Žiro račun Zagrebačka banka


Overseas donations: IBAN: HR0423600001102209843


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