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Croatia Pay €2.1 Million in Fines to UEFA

0000010034_700_394_cutCroatian football clubs and the national team have paid 2.1 million euros in fines to UEFA since 2008, the Croatian Football Federation (HNS) revealed this week at its General Assembly in Zagreb…

HNS Security Commissioner Zoran Cvrk said that the federation will continue to fight against any form of hooliganism and violence after racking up over 2 million euros in fines. Hajduk Split football club chalked up the most amount of fines (721,230 euros), followed by Dinamo Zagreb (675,372), the Croatia national team (421,252 euros) and Rijeka (284,056).

“UEFA has zero tolerance towards these activities, and with Croatia being a member of the European Union, we have to accept the rules. There is no discussion about it. I hope that football can help unite Croatian citizens, when unity is much-needed. Croatian football organization has 143,000 registered players, and 250,000 citizens working in football family, with 25 percent of kids playing football. We have something to be proud of”, said the federation’s first vice-president Zdravko Mamić.

The HNS Assembly, attended by Croatian Sports Minister Vedran Mornar and Croatian Olympic Committee representative Siniša Krajač, also detailed the federation’s major successes, including national team results, and president Davor Šuker’s election to UEFA’s Executive Committee.

“Behind us is a year rich in sporting success. The results of our national teams are the consequence of quality work in our clubs and successful leadership. Croatia remains a respectable football force. We have completed a lot of other projects that make us proud, as well as the success in other fields. Success in the finance department will enable us more quality work in 2015”, emphasized Šuker.

President Davor  Šuker addressing the assembly

President Davor Šuker addressing the assembly

“Croatian Football Federation secured almost 10 million kuna to aid the victims of the Slavonian floods. We have been selected as the hosts of U-17 European championships, hosted the AEFCA Congress, and awarded by UEFA for work on digital platforms, ” said Šuker.

(HNS / photo credit: Drago Sopta)

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