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Croatia no.2 most-desired holiday spot for Norwegians in 2021

 Croatia no.2 desired holiday spot for Norwegians in 2021


ZAGREB, 5 May 2021 – After Greece, Croatia is the second most-desired country to visit for a holiday this summer among Norwegians. 

According to a survey by Apollo, the second largest tour operator in Scandinavia, 70 percent of Norwegians want to go on holiday abroad this year, and Croatia, along with Greece, is the most desirable summer destination, said Vedran Sušić, director of the Croatian National Tourist Board in Sweden.

“With positive and encouraging information from tour operators, the great news is that most airlines, which are otherwise very careful in setting up routes, are planning a significantly higher number of flights to Croatia this season compared to last season. Namely, this year, SAS and Norwegian are planning flights from several Norwegian cities to Split, but also to other Croatian airports on the Adriatic. This shows the trust they have in Croatia as a safe destination, but also the desire of Norwegians to visit our country. If the Scandinavian countries allow their citizens to travel abroad, we can expect a significant number of guests in Croatia, both from Norway and from the whole of Scandinavia,” said Sušić. 

“Let us add that good forecasts are based on the results of a survey conducted among contacts from the database of this well-known Norwegian tour operator, on the answers of 1,500 respondents,” HTZ said. 

Apollo additionally reports that bookings are growing day by day, and the most interesting are foreign trips related to the sun and the sea. The results also show that most respondents prefer a holiday in private accommodation or a small family hotel, as well as package deals that offer a money back guarantee and additional security conditions. 

Unlike previous years, this year only 15 percent of respondents said they wanted to travel on their own.

Most-desired destinations 

1. Crete – Greece

2. Rhodes – Greece

3. Parga – Greece

4. Croatia

5. Zakynthos – Greece

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