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Croatia Marks 21-Years International Recognition

On this day 21-years ago Croatia gained diplomatic recognition by the European Economic Community members, which subsequently led to recognition by the United Nations.


On the evening of 15 January 1992, with the war still very much going on, Croatia’s President at the time Franjo Tuđman addressed the nation; “Today’s date – 15 January 1992 – will be engraved in gold letters in the complete, 14th century, history of the Croatian people in this region, for us the holy ground between the rivers Mura, Drava, Dunav and Adriatic.”


“We have created an Internationally recognised Croatia. We celebrate tonight, and then roll our sleeves up to build a new democratic nation,” added Tuđman.


Croatia, however was recognised internationally before members of the European Union did, Island will be remembered as the first nation to internationally recognise Croatia on 19 December 1991. Germany also recognised an independent Croatia on the same day, although their decision formally came into effect on 15 January 1992 together with the EU members.


After the European Union recognised Croatia on 15 January 1992, the following nations followed suit; UK, Denmark, Malta, Austria, Switzerland, Holland, Hungary, Norway, Bulgaria, Poland, Italy, Canada, France, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, Luxembourg and Greece. One day later, Argentina, Australia, Czech Republic, Chile, Lichtenstein, New Zealand, Slovakia, Sweden and Uruguay joined them, writes Slobodna Dalmacija.

The first African nation to recognise Croatia was Egypt on 16 April 1992. On 22 May 1992 Croatia became a member of the United Nations.


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