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Croatia Makes List of 10 Spots with Clearest Waters in the World

Croatia's famous clear waters (photo hi-wallpapers.com)

Croatia’s famous clear waters (photo hi-wallpapers.com)

It is no secret that Croatia’s Adriatic sea is among the clearest and cleanest in the world and consistently tops Europe’s cleanest lists…

Leading travel portal Thrillist, which has over 16 million monthly subscriptions, has included the Croatian island of Hvar on its list of the ’10 Spots with the Clearest Waters in the World’.

How many times have you visited a beach or a lake, only to be tragically disappointed by the murkiness of the water? asks Thrillist, before advising its readers on 10 spots around the world where they will not be disappointed.

“Among all the world-class beaches along the southern Dalmatian Coast, the ones lining the island of Hvar are in a league all their own. The water here has a level of clarity you’d expect from a legit hotel pool, only without all the rich people floating/peeing in it (probably). On top of that, Hvar has an average of 2,700 sunlight hours per year, more than any other Croatian island, so it’s not unusual to see the shadows of boats trailing beneath them as they drift through the sea-foam green water”, writes Thrillist about Hvar.



Laghi de Fusine, Rio da Prata, Zamami, Lefkada, Jiuzhaigou Valley, Exuma island in the Bahamas and Koh Lanta in Thailand also made the list with Hvar.

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