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Croatia joins Powering Past Coal Alliance in drive to clean energy

Croatia's energy development to be based on new, clean technologies

ZAGREB, 2 July (Hina) – Croatia has joined the Powering Past Coal Alliance (PPCA) and countries whose energy systems will not depend on coal in the future, the Economy and Sustainable Development Ministry said on Thursday.

Croatia’s only active coal power plant is located in Plomin, Istria County. Its power is 210 MW, it serves to balance the electricity supply system and has an operating licence until 2040, the ministry said.

The plant’s competitiveness will certainly change because of the European Union Emissions Trading System, to which Plomin II contributes over one million emission units a year, while contributing almost 6% to Croatia’s total emissions, the ministry said.

Speaking of Croatia’s PPCA entry, Minister Ćorić said the comprehensive economic and social transition would increase the need for electricity and that it was therefore necessary to plan well so that new renewable energy plants could carry that transition.

We are creating conditions to stop using coal in electricity production, which will occur before Plomin II’s operating licence expires. The inclusion of renewable energy sources will depend on the development of the electricity infrastructure by using new technologies and developing energy storage plants, the minister said.

In order for Croatia to meet its target of 36.6% of renewables in final consumption by 2030, it is necessary to connect over 2,500 MW of new renewable energy plants to the supply and distribution system.

It is equally important to actively include all citizens and enterprises in the renewable energy system, the ministry said, adding that thanks to all that Croatia would meet the prerequisites to stop using coal as a fuel in the near future.

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