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Croatia has 3rd Highest Number of Smokers in EU

ciro_blazevicCroatia has the third highest number of smokers in the European Union, according to a Eurobarometer study released on World No Tobacco Day yesterday…

The report shows that Greece (38%) has the most number of smokers in the EU, followed by Bulgaria (35%) in second place, Croatia (33%) in third, and France (32%) in fourth spot. At the other end of the list, Sweden was top with just 11% smokers, Finland (19%), Malta (20%), and Luxembourg and Italy 21%.

More and more people however are quitting in the EU. Trends show that smoking in all EU member states had dropped from 28% to 26%. The largest drop was recorded among those in the 15-24 age group (-4%). The report revealed that Europeans start smoking on average at just over 17 years of age.

The World Health Organisation first launched the World No Tobacco Day on 1988.

World ranking for cigarette consumption per capita (wiki)

1. Greece
2. Serbia
3. Bulgaria
4. Russia
5. Moldova
6. Ukraine
7. Slovenia
8. Bosnia & Herzegovina
9. Belarus
10. Montenegro

24. Croatia

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