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Croatia has 106 coronavirus cases per million inhabitants

(Photo: HINA/ Edvard ŠUŠAK/)

ZAGREB, June 28 (Hina) – Croatia currently has 106 coronavirus cases per million inhabitants, Health Minister Vili Beros said in Split on Sunday.

Speaking at a press conference, he said the average age of patients was 49 and that 47.5% of them were men and 52.5% women.

He said most patients had “mild or medium serious” symptoms, that six of the 20 hospitalised at Zagreb’s Fran Mihaljevic Hospital for Infectious Diseases were young, that a few had mild pneumonia but that none were on a ventilator.

“In the health sector… at the moment we have 247 positive cases, 18 active patients, and 115 medical staff are in self-isolation.”

Beros said the biggest hotspots at the moment were Zagreb and Djakovo.

In Zagreb, he said, nearly half of the new patients had been in night clubs while the rest were mostly their direct contacts. In Djakovo, he added, there have been 32 new cases today, including 30 connected to a local convent.

The minister said these numbers were as expected because Croatia “has opened up and our economic and other activities must go on.” He called for caution “because these numbers underline caution.”

Speaking of the ongoing election campaign, Beros said “many are politicising this situation. That’s certainly not good because it isn’t conducive to calming the situation… It’s perfectly clear that some wish to score political points on the epidemic. However, as responsible people, we are primarily seeing to citizens’ interests, which are health and preserving life.”

“That’s our primary interest and everything we are doing in that sense we continue to do transparently, clearly and based on expert criteria,” said Beros.

He added that the epidemiological situation was calming down and under control “but tomorrow already” the number of new cases because of contacts “may be somewhat higher.”

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