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Croatia Gets New Sex Symbol

Niko KovacHe has got the women folk talking on the forums in Croatia, being compared by some to the smooth James Bond, and even this week his marital status was the most popular search question on Croatia Week

Croatian football coach Niko Kovač (42) has become the nation’s latest sex symbol. His no nonsense approach, slick hairstyle, broad smile, piercing eyes, and new-found folk hero status after taking Croatia to Brazil, a hit with the ladies.

“From yesterday I have a crush on him,” one lady fan posted on Croatia’s most popular forum, which soon got a string of replies. “There are a lot more of us”.

“Our coach really is beautiful,” “There is something James Bond about him,” “Is it just me or does Niko look like Joseph Gordon-Levitt?,” …were just some of the comments Kovač has attracted this week. For those enquiring about Niko’s marital status, and there have been many, he is married – happily, to school day sweet-heart Kristina for the last 14 years. The pair have one 13-year old daughter.

Niko and wife Kristina

Niko and wife Kristina



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