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Croatia Gets First Spice House

Croatians looking to spice up their cuisine no longer need to head off to Austria or Germany in order to purchase their favourite foreign spices. Croatia’s capital Zagreb is now home to a dedicated spice shop selling a whole host of spices, from Indian curry madras, to South African relish Chakalaka, to even Bengalis Panch Phoron and Indonesia nasi goreng.

Harrisa, which opened it’s doors ten days ago in downtown Zagreb, is the brain-child of Ana-Marija Petric and Matija Paskas. The pair offer over 150 different types of spices and over 100 teas.

“We have travelled a lot, Matija a lot more than me, we have been to Mexico, Jamaica, Dominican Republic, Egypt, Libya, Turkey…and we would always discover a new spice, something we would fall in love with,” said Ana-Marija to dobra-hrana.hr, adding that is was frustrating to find new recipes and not be able to do anything with them as you could not get all the ingredients in Croatia.

Besides spices, dried herbs, blends and teas, which have been imported from all over the world, at Harissa in Masarykova street, one can also buy different types of sugar and a range of cooking accessories.

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