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Croatia First In The World To Trial The Future Of The Internet

A game changing piece of technology in the internet industry is currently being trialed in Zagreb, Croatia. Hrvatski Telekom has been selected by Deutsche Telekom Group, which it is a member of, to test the revolutionary concept TeraStream.

TeraStream is a revolution in network architecture – creating a lean and simple backbone that is ready for the enormous traffic increase of the future and new services. With this pilot in Croatia we are leading within the industry. Hrvatski Telekom is a pioneer for the entire group.” says Claudia Nemat, Board Member Europe and Technology Deutsche Telekom.

The project has been two years in the making and it will allow Deutsche Telekom to deliver much faster and more innovative services. Sending a high-resolution film will be like sending an ordinary photo. Ten to fifty fold more internet is expected up to 2020 and Zagreb is the first place in the world where residential users will be provided with ultra-fast broadband services.

“Millions and Millions of bytes per second to be correct, 1 CD full of music passes through the system in just 7 seconds, or the entire encyclopedia Britannica in just 2.5 seconds,” revealed Hrvatski Telekom boss Ivica Mudrinic.

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