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Croatia First in the World for Liver & Kidney Transplants

Croatia92Last year, 144 Croatian families donated organs of their loved ones, saving 354 lives of those who were waiting for a kidney, liver, heart or other organ transplants in the process…

That statistic has helped Croatia remain at the very top of the world for the number of transplants, the Croatian Transplant Association announced ahead of National Organ Donation Day in Croatia on Tuesday.

Croatia is currently first in the world for the number of liver and kidney transplants, and second in the world for heart transplants. Thanks greatly to high public awareness of the importance of organ donation, Croatia has reduced its transplant waiting list by 37 percent in the last 5 years. Croatians now waiting for a liver transplant wait on average 15 days, 70 days on average for a heart transplant and just under a year for a kidney transplant.

Last year in Croatia 361 organ transplants were performed, including 197 kidney transplants, 15 liver transplants, 34 heart transplants and 5 pancreas transplants.

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