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Croatia entering a stage with greater number of unknowns, minister says

(Photo: HINA/ Edvard ŠUŠAK)

ZAGREB, April 26 (Hina) – Minister of the Interior Davor Bozinovic, who heads the national coronavirus crisis management team, said on Sunday that Croatia was entering a period “where there will probably be more unknowns” than has been so far in the fight against the novel coronavirus disease.

“We have to keep communicating with citizens… We will need a lot of dialogue and understanding for that… The key part of our strategy is informing citizens of the measures that have yielded results,” he said.

He repeated that the situation had still not been normalised and that people would not be able to go back to life as it was before the epidemic.

“A new stage of the fight against the coronavirus begins, it marks the start of our exit strategy. There will be much more activity and movement in cities, streets and stores, which can increase the risk of the virus spreading in the population. The team is thinking about how to relaunch as many activities as possible and normalising life for the largest possible number of people while taking care not to cause the epidemiological situation to worsen,” he said.

Bozinovic was also asked about a ban on Sunday work for shops and possible shopping crowds on Saturdays.

“The times we live in are not normal. New measures have been adopted following epidemiologists’ recommendations, working hours for shops have been extended so that people who work can buy supplies after work. Everything we do we do based on recommendations from professionals and in line with our powers,” he said.

Croatia starts the first of three phases of relaxing lockdown measures

The first phase, starting on Monday, 27 April, will enable the opening of all retail entities apart from those in shopping centres, the exception being those stores that have been operating in shopping centres the entire time since the introduction of restrictions.

Services too will be able to operate except those that require close contact with clients, on the condition physical distance is respected. This refers to tailors, key cutters, cobblers, tourist agencies and the like.

Public city and suburban lines, as well as fast-speed lines to islands that are not connected with ferry lines, will start operating again. Libraries, museums, galleries, second-hand and regular book shops too will be allowed to open.

Athletes will be allowed to recommence training in individual sports as will those competing in professional senior team sports.

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