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Croatia Drops 16 Places on World Misery Index

unnamedCroatia has been ranked the 31st Most Miserable County in the World in the Cato Institutes annual World Misery Index of 108 countries…

Based on a simple sum of inflation, unemployment, and lending rates minus year-on-year per capita GDP growth, the Index comprehensively ranks 108 countries based on “misery”, with Venezuela once again ranked the most miserable place on earth. Argentina, Syria, Ukraine, Iran, Brazil, São Tomé and Príncipe, Serbia and Jamaica made up the top 10, with Croatia coming in at a high 31st. Despite its poor ranking, Croatia has improved from last year when it was ranked 15th.

The five least miserable nations were Brunei, Switzerland, China, Taiwan, and Japan. The United States ranked 95th, Canada 89th, the UK 86th and Australia 78th.

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