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Croatia – Cultural Delights on the Adriatic

Image by Tom Mrazek, used under Creative Commons License (CC by 2.0)

The hypnotically turquoise waters of the Adriatic Sea are enough for anyone to lose themselves to. And why wouldn’t they? White sands and lush green landscapes have cemented Croatia’s reputation as one of the world’s most prized paradises.

Tourists spend their days dazzled by the country’s pure shores, and nights sampling exquisite cuisine and wines. Yet don’t be fooled into thinking that holidays in Croatia are just sea and sunshine. For anyone looking for fascinating history alongside grand scenery, it’s the ideal secret getaway.

Sail Croatian Islands

The Croatian Coast comprises smooth seas that lap the shores of 1,000 enriching islands. It’d be quite a feat to visit them all, but you can always try. Sailing tours are a popular way to experience Croatia and the surrounding areas, with boats operating from all major cities. Many of the islands are home to an indigenous fishing population. If you’re passing, by be sure to indulge in locally caught species of fish.

Image by Marko D, used under Creative Commons License (CC by SA 2.0)

Discover Historic Treasures

Croatian history spans both empires and ages. For a valuable insight into it, take a city tour. Every year, the country attracts thousands of people for this reason alone. Dubrovnik’s medieval Old Town feels like a step back in time, and is one of several UNESCO World Heritage Sites you can visit whilst here.

If you’re in Split, then go on a trip to Diocletian’s Palace. Its historic foundations occupy half of the Old Town, and date back to around 4 A.D! Diocletian built a stature around his reputation as a fearsome emperor, and the palace is a fitting tribute.

Diocletian’s Palace (photo credit: Yuya Matsuo)

Towering pillars and traditionalist Mediterranean architecture make it a stand-out attraction. Visit this and you’ll be rewarded with a unique understanding of the country’s past.

Experience Game of Thrones

The fantasy world of Game of Thrones has captured the imagination of people around the world, and when you’re in Dubrovnik you have the chance to see King’s Landing itself, Dubrovnik. The city’s popularity has risen in tangent with that of the American TV series, but if you think that that might have spoiled it, think again.

Locations from the TV show have helped to boost an already thriving tourist industry. With this, visitors are given a comprehensive insight into the history of Dubrovnik.

Image by Kamil Porembinski, used under Creative Commons License (CC by SA 2.0)

Explore National Parks

Krka National Park is one in a wealthy collection of natural jewels in Croatia, and is accessible from cities like Dubrovnik, Split and Zagreb. Complete with everything from fortresses to boat excursions, a trip here is guaranteed to please the whole family. It’s just one of 8 national parks in Croatia, all of which boast dream-like scenery which many know the country for.

​Taste Croatia

Food-wise, Croatia’s two most renowned cuisines are the beef based Pasticada, and Crni Rizot – a risotto based dish with local cuttlefish. The former is marinated for over 24 hours in garlic and wine, whilst crni rizot is a cuttlefish black risotto. The region is also notorious for its wine cultivation – what better accompaniment to seafood and sunsets?

(photo credit: Peternel Grupa / Colours of Istria)

From dishes that’ll tickle your taste buds, to castles that’ll make your jaw drop, Croatian culture is in a league of its own.

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