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Croatia Cube Heart Souvenir Wins Gold

Croatia Cube Heart by Nikola Radmirović (Screenshot)

The Croatia Cube Heart has won two gold medals at the Budi uzor®/Inova® 2017 awards.

Designed by artist Nikola Radmirović, the Croatia Cube Heart won Best Souvenir for the Whole of Croatia and Best Innovation in Tourism at the awards which featured over 500 participants from more than 15 countries.

The Croatia Cube Heart is a souvenir designed for the whole of Croatia and is conceived as a universal, multifunctional Croatian souvenir.

The cube comes in a functional form which can not only be a gift but also usable on an office desk.

“The material range is unlimited, but Croatian Slavonian oak is suggested. The souvenir also has its graphics version that forms a heart stylized from the red cubes. The white cube is reserved for the text or the name of any city, place, or county in Croatia,” Radmirović said.

The souvenir can be used as a pen or pencil rack and fits well with another Croatian souvenir – the Penkala pen. It can also be used as a business card or flag holder and more.

The design was also awarded at the European Enterprise Promotion awards – EEPA 2017.

Check out the video of the Croatian Heart Cube below.

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